Something Old … Something YOUnique


It has been a long-standing tradition for the new Bride to be to have, “something old, something new…” Over the generations, women have used cameos as symbols of their devotion to their beloved. That intricately carved treasure, the rage of the mid-19th century Victorian Era is reemerging.  The Jeweled Cameo is truly awe inspiring, bringing together the poetry and romance of old world charm and today’s modern elegance. These extraordinary Cameo pieces are being debuted thanks in part by the creative design talents of Michael Von Krenner, Master Goldsmith and Jeweler.


Aspire to own one of Mr. Von Kenner’s extraordinary jeweled Cameos, which represent that special connection from the past by wearing what will become your own family heirloom of the future! The Cameo has an illustrious history, which was the favored jewelry piece of Royalty. Both Kings and Queens have been mesmerized by the allure of these portraits in miniature. It is as much the romance as is the charisma that has surrounded the Cameo for centuries.


You can find depictions of deities from Greek mythology: The three Graces; The daughters of Zeus (especially the most popular and sought after Hebe feeding Zeus as an Eagle), the Bacchante maidens adorned with grape leaves in their hair, goddesses Athena and Diana, among many other classical images. Past great royalties who have collected these romantic treasures have included; Pope Paul II, Louis XIV, Napoleon, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria to name a few.


Mr. Von Krenner searches the world over for these high quality antique masterpieces of romantic allure. The rarity of many of these quality cameos only enhances their collectability and increase in value. The difficulty in location such finely crafted cameos as in Mr. Von Krenner’s collection can only be compared to the utter dedication he has toward his craft. He lovingly hand crafts his magical art around these fine Cameos. When designing a new setting for a Cameo, he matches its quality and style. Mr. Von Krenner’s magical works of art result in a modern masterpiece with diamonds, gold and precious stones.  


Something old, something YOUnique… your own love story preserved with exceptional level of personalization!

Michael von Krenner

Michael von Krenner

The Master Goldsmith

Austin, Texas