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The art of the jeweler is similar to that of Picasso or Michelangelo in that the use of color and dimension is but one of the cornerstones of composition. Like the artist who works his magic with oil on canvas, so too does the jeweler who must create from his palette of gemstones, combining colors to achieve a harmonious effect.  The jeweler, as does the sculptor, must choose how to use scale and dimension to give his pieces the same feeling of vibrancy and style as the statuesque David, just to name one. Fine jewelry actually combines both art forms, though on a much smaller scale.

An entire spectrum of color is waiting for the jeweler to mix on his canvas of gold. While in paintings, color brings life to the subject, creating an interesting composition on which to gaze, to the jeweler, gemstones are the vibrant components of an artist’s palette, mimicking glittering brush strokes of green from emeralds, or blue from sapphires, and hot oranges from garnets, each capturing light and holding it captive.

Jewelry, as in a Rodin sculpture, can exhibit both rough textures and high polished surfaces creating visual and tactile contrasts within the same unique piece. Forms of soft curves or sharp outlines serve to create the overall mood and personality of the creation.  Whether carved in gold or platinum, jewelry offers all the same qualities of a finely sculpted work of art.

However, fine jewelry has one more criteria to be measured. Since this is an artistic creation designed to be worn by its owner, comfort must also be a primary consideration.  So then the jeweler, like an architect, must build a piece that it is functional, as well as beautiful.  Therefore, as is same as with any structure designed for the express purpose for people to enjoy being in and around, the piece of jewelry should also be a joy to wear at all times.

However, while only a select few can boast owning an original Picasso or Michelangelo, most anyone with an eye for beauty and discriminating tastes can aspire to own one or several pieces of beautifully crafted jewelry, which can be worn countless times over the course of a lifetime, infusing its owner with a sense of pride, status and accomplishment. As each piece wonderfully patinas with age and grows in both value and sentimentality, it becomes a treasured family heirloom, passing from one generation to the next giving each new holder the same pride of ownership enjoyed by its original owner.

Another advantage fine jewelry has over a piece of art or sculpture, is it is meant to be worn, to travel with you, to be seen and admired not just by the one who is in possession, but by everyone who casts a covetous eye upon it. It does not gather dust in a museum or grow cold in a dark vault, but rather takes on the warmth and personality of the one whose presence it graces. For some, such as Napoleon’s bee or Elizabeth Taylor’s white diamonds, it becomes an individual’s signature or trademark, that by which they become known in the eyes of the public.

Whether for the purpose of a wedding or anniversary, an elegant black tie event or a society gala, the importance of wearing something that is unique in its inception and the culmination of a true Master’s vision, which portrays beauty, elegance and sophistication cannot be over-stated. It is one of the instruments by which one’s success is measured, and carries with it the pride of having arrived


Whether you’re an avid collector of fine jewelry, or just beginning to consider this magnificent investment, please introduce yourself to the work of an “Old World Master Jeweler and Engraver” who trained under German Masters. Offerings include very modern, even organically abstracted forms encrusted with precious stones, to highly influenced Arts and Crafts designs revering structure and balance as only gold or platinum can properly reflect.


These exclusive works of art make the perfect gift to be cherished for many long happy and prosperous years!

Michael von Krenner

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